Applicant FAQs

This document contains information regarding the most frequently asked questions to help you with your application process.

1. Question -- What do I do when the “Continue” button on the last page of Application process does not allow me to advance to the review page so I can submit the Application?

Answer -- The "Brief description of job" and "Reason for leaving" fields have a maximum of 500 characters but the system does not stop you from typing once you have reached that limit. When you reach the last page, the continue button does not let you proceed. Try using the "Previous" button on the page, (not the browser back button) to navigate back to the "Employer History" page and check to see if the "Brief description of job" or Reason for leaving fields has a red border. If it does, that means you have more than the 500 character limit so you will need to shorten the text that you entered. Once you shorten the text, the application should allow you to proceed and finish. If you do not see a field with a red border on the "Employer History" page, then check the other pages in the application form as well.” The other option would be to re-apply.

2. Question -- I’m having trouble opening the Electronic Application link received via email, what should I do?

Answer -- Many email systems tend to have HTML turned off by default in the email settings, so when the email is received the Electronic Application link does work as a clickable hyperlink. The URL must then be copied and pasted in an Internet browser. The Electronic Application link sent to the applicant has a unique form ID in the URL. If you miss copying any of the characters in the file ID, the page will givean error. The link may show in two lines as shown below, but along with the first lineall of the lettersand numbers from the second line are needed to access the Electronic Application.

3. Question -- How does an applicant remove a resume attachment if it remains in the profile aftertheapplicant deletes it?

Answer -- When you click the "delete" icon to the left of the attachment it will actually remove the file from the system, it does not reflect this when you view it. When the application is reviewed by the employer, however, they will be viewing the file you used to replace the one you removed rather than seeing the old one. Click delete.

4. Question -- How do I use my existing profile to apply for multiple jobs?

Answer -- To apply using an existing profile, you will first click on the job listing you are interested in.Below the job description, select “Existing Resume/CV” and log into your profile when prompted. Once you have logged in, look at the submittal history where you will see the previous applications and click “Submit this profile” to the right. This will submit your information for the next application and if you are presented with an Electronic Application form, your previous answers will still be populated. Advise to continue through the form and update as needed. Once you click “Submit and Continue,” you will receive a confirmation that the application was submitted.

5. Question -- What do I do if I’m unable to move to “Step 2” of the process after entering profile data when using in IE11?

Answer -- This is specific to IE11 and does not occur in Chrome and Firefox. As a work around, please try another browser.

6. Question -- I’ve created a duplicate profile and cannot see the most recent application when using the “New Resume” option rather than “Existing resume”. What should I do?

Answer -- This is an issue that hasto be fixed by someone with access to the system. This should be escalated to the employer’s HR team. The email address on the old profile can be changed by the HR team to match the new email address.

7. Question --What do I do if I can’t reset the password on the account?

Answer -- When you try to reset the password and there is more than one profile created, the system does not know which profile to reset and you are typically locked out. When this occurs, contact thememployer’s HR team as they will need tomchange the email address on the old profile and allow you tomreset the password. The HR team will then change it back so the accounts are linked.

8. Question -- What if I receive a “Current Action Temporarily Unavailable” message directly after uploading a resume?

Answer -- This typically occurs only when your resume file name is either too long, or contains special symbols such as parentheses, asterisks, slashes, etc. If you reduce the file name to less than 14 characters and removes any symbols from the file name, the issue is resolved.